Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Our Farm Theme - Activities

We've been doing some more farm activities in this house. Unfortunately we got a bit behind. Life happens sometimes.

But we've made a shape art tractor, built a duplo farm and did some counting and sorting with some farm animal pasta.

This activity was perfect for Molly as she loves to glue is has become very interested in shapes. You can find the shape tractor activity here. There are lots of other farm activities in the download pack too.


Another thing Molly has become very interested in is counting. I found some farm animal shaped pasta in the health food aisle at Woolworths (total fluke find!). One afternoon we sorted and counted to our hearts content! Jasmin was asleep at this time otherwise she would have wanted to eat them!!

We also made the Duplo farm. It lasted a while until Jasmin decided to push it off the coffee table so she could sit on it!

Molly requested to glue some more puzzles so we completed two puzzles that I blogged about here.

More activities to come soon :)


  1. Oh brilliant, we started a farm theme but then Bella went up to Broome so I 'm waiting for her to come back before we continue it. I'll definitely have to look out for the farm animal pasta!

  2. How cute is that animal pasta, I'll have to look out for it too!!


  3. Love it! We will have to do farm theme soon I think! Chloe would love it. x


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