Saturday, 14 July 2012

Farm Books and Apps

For our recent farm them which we are wrapping up soon I didn't buy any new books I just gathered some of these from the huge collection of books we already have.

I also found these free apps that I popped on the iPad for Molly. 

Molly loves doing puzzles on the iPad so this app was perfect for her.
Farm Jigsaws 1,2,3.
The great thing about this app is that you can change the difficulty of the puzzles from 2 to 12 pieces.

Of course the always popular Peek-a-Barn app fitted in perfect with the farm theme.
Peekaboo Barn Lite is free and the full version is a small price.

Note: I will be redoing this theme again as there were so many things I still want to do but for some Molly was too young and others Jasmin was too young and she still puts everything in her mouth.  Lucky for me she is happy to draw while we craft at the moment but anything else and she wants in on it!

For anyone interested in more farm activities I have a board on my Pinterest page that you can check out here.


  1. Hi kerina... Looks like a great theme.. Can I ask where you got the felt book from? I've been looking for a felt book for
    My daughter for ages and can't find one anywhere...

  2. Hi Kez,

    i can't find the post where you mentioned it but you shared that you had found some farm animal pasta shapes at Woolies. We're doing a farm theme too so I went to Woolies and couldnt find them... do you remember what brand they were?

    1. The brand was Orgran. They were in the health food section and are Gluten free Farm Animals Rice & Corn Vegetable Pasta.


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