Monday, 9 July 2012

Engel Organising - How I Organise our Engel for Holidays

We are Engel lovers in this house. We've had ours for a few years now and have found this portable fridge invaluable when camping but also great for day trips to keep our food and drinks cold. An esky is great but I rather not have to buy ice everyday. That can get quite expensive and lettuce never does to well in an esky of ice. So I want to share with you how I keep my Engel organised so that everything is easy to find.

 When we first got our Engel I got a few tips on packing it from a friend by simply using glad bags to seal everything in. However after a while I found this didn't suit me. If I pulled out the milk everything would fall into the space left by the milk and it was a pain to rearrange everything to get the milk back in. I also found that sometimes those glad bags failed and meat juices are not something I really wanted in with all my other food. So I went with my favourite .. Tupperware. Luckily I had a Tupperware Party at my house and asked the demonstrator what might fit in the Engel. We grabbed the Tupperware Antarctica range and tested it .. it was a perfect fit. The best thing was it was the host gift that month so I got it free!

How I pack the containers, how many and what's in each one changes depending on the type of trip we're going on. I've been packing my Engel like this for a few years now

Last week we headed off for a 3 day quick getaway. It was in a holiday house but I still packed it like we were going away camping so that we could still pack the Engel easily for travelling and day trips.

I need to plan for two dinners (BBQ and tacos), one cook up breakfast and lunches. I choose easy meals and have everything ready to go so that I can have a holiday too!

This time I packed our meat in the large size Antarctica container. In the rectangle sized containers I put a pre-made salad, bacon, cold meats and pre-chopped onion. In the small square containers I had sliced cheese, grated cheese, pre-chopped lettuce and tomato. I usually pack the cheese with yellow lids so they are easy to find.

I always buy my milk in one litre bottles and a round tub of margarine as they fit perfect in the Engel next to the containers. Fruit goes on the top and I reused a plastic basket that my apple came in that week. I top it off with some squeezie yogurts for the kids, dip and any spare room might be filled with extra fruit or water bottles for the drive.

Now sometimes I still use large glad bags for salad to chuck on the top of the esky, and if we and in the future we will buy a second Engel to use as a freezer when we go camping for more than just a few days. And if you're wondering where our drink are I keep a small soft esky in the car for the drive and we use a small tropical box esky for drinks when camping.

This is how much my husband loves his Engel on his fishing trips ...

Love an organised Engel.
How do you pack your Engel, Waeco, ARB or other portable fridge?
Got any great tips to share?


  1. We have a Waeco eighty litre firdge/freezer and i do a combination of tupperrware Antartica / fridgesmarts and i cryovac the meat so it doesn't leak meat. I agree you Zip loc bags dont work but love my tupperware.

  2. engel all the way. ive got one for my car and ben has one on the back of his, pretty sure theres not a car out here without one! we had the biggest waeco you could get but didnt last long at all, wad good being a fridge and freezer but just didnt last living in the back of the toyota (they never get taken out) people always stop and stare in the coles carpark as we unpack usually 2 trolleys full of food to last us a few weeks into the car, lol


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