Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cubby Curtains - My first sewing project!

I have had many plans to decorate the girls cubby house for quite some time. I've got lots of ideas and many things ready to go for a while. I finally made a start last week. 

I found these gorgeous tea towels at the Bed Bath & Table Clearance store and decided straight away that this was the colour scheme that was going to be perfect for the cubby house. 

I have been carrying around one of the tea towels in my handbag for months so I that if ever saw anything that might match I could whip it out and check. I'm slightly colour matchy obsessed!

Anyway getting back to my first sewing project for the cubby. Okay so I don't know how to sew (I did woodwork at school instead of home economics) but I really wanted curtains in the cubby house. I made the decision it was time to learn. However I'm not to silly and that's why I choose to use tea towels to turn into curtains.

However I did need to wait to I could borrow a sewing machine and have someone show me how to use it. Lucky for me my Mother-in-law offered to help me. She came around a week ago with her sewing machine, gave me a quick demo and lent me her machine (apparently she bought it when she pregnant with my husband!). I was very grateful.

Later that night after the kids were in bed I got the courage up to sew on my own. I folded the top of the tea towel over and did two lines of stitching across the top to put the curtain wire through. I cut another tea towel done is size to make a tea towel for the cubby while I was at it.

Easy peasy and I think they look quite cute!

The hard part was installing them. I couldn't find a small enough drill bit anywhere in my hubby's garage. He came to the rescue though and put a pop rivet in the drill like a drill bit. It worked a treat!

Next task is to make some tiebacks for them I think.


  1. You did such a great job. I always wanted to sew and bought a machine to take lessons. After 3 years of sitting in my wardrobe, I sold it to my Mum.... but it is still on my 'wanting to do' list xx

  2. Cannot believe it, I am in process of getting material for our cubby curtains! Now I have great way to do it as my sewing is ok but very novice so I was putting it off, not now! Great job too by the way and love the material! x

  3. They look gorgeous! Great idea using tea towels! Curtains for the cubby in our old house were my first seweing project too! Nice & easy! I have a fabulous Janome machine that my Mum bought me a few years ago & have never got around to taking some sewing lessons...They're on the "to do list" amongst other things!!!


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