Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Study/Office - My New Filing System

I just realised I never shared my new office filing system on the blog. I posted a few pictures on the Facebook page but not here. Silly me.

I used to have a filing system that consisted of a stack of trays but I found our personal home stuff was getting mixed in with business stuff. To find something in particular I would end up emptying an entire tray to find one sheet of paper. It simply wasn't working for me and I wanted a more clear working space on my desk. 

I fell in love with these wall newspaper racks from Ikea. They are called KVISSLE
I bought two - one for home/personal and one for the business.

At the beginning they looked like this ...

So I did a test run filing to see decide on exactly what I would file where and I found a problem. See my problem? 

It looked yucky and smaller pieces of paper which there are many would fall through the bottom of the rack! I need folders and a big hunt began. You see a lot of folders these days are foolscap. I struggled to find ones that I liked and would go with the rest of the colour scheme in my study. Then BINGO! I found some files being cleared out in Woolworths. So then I had this ...

Much better!
I love these files because when I need to find a partcular item I pull out the file, open it on my desk and flip through til I find it and then pop it back. Easy peasy, lemon squezy!

Then all that was needed was labelling. I'm still not 100% happy with the labelling so I think these will have to be replaced soon with nice white labels. I'll add it to the bottom of the never ending list! Lol!!

The business side is boring but I will share what the other side holds. 

1. Bills - yuk lets move on! 
2. Shopping - I keep the latest Woolies and Coles catalogues here and any catalogues or flyers for products we're looking at purchasing. The most important thing in thing file is of course the latest Tupperware catalogue!
3.  In here are copies of my master shopping list, meal plans, cleaning schedules, camping packing lists, hubbies surf patrol rosters etc.
4. Projects - here I keep print out of things I need to frame, kid's project stuff, things to be laminated etc. An example is that I have all the kid's Duplo instructions here at the moment as I want to make a file for these to go in.
5. Filing - my to be filed elsewhere place! An extra file sits behind this file and here is where I put receipts for my tax purposes.

This thing is getting a workout tomorrow as the end of financial year is approaching fast and I need to get every organised and filed ready for the bookkeeper!

Please note this is not my long - term filing system. Things are either shredded and binned from these files when no longer needed or filed away properly here ..

 here ..
or in our business files. 

My long term filing system organisation can be read about here and here.


  1. Your new filing system is great - I think it's such a good idea to use vertical space for storage and organisation and your magazine racks have added a nice touch to the wall beside your desk too. What are they made from? Cardboard? Metal?

  2. Oh I love that, it looks great. Are they easy to attach to the wall?

    I am 'tidying' up my little home office too this week and about to do a post on a fabulous but cheap office set that I found that inspired me to do it!!

  3. I found them quite easy. I measured where the spot was but I did get hubby to drill the hole in the wall!

  4. My little organised heart just loooooves this Kaz. And that little bag on your desk is just divine! xx

  5. Gorgeous Kaz, I so love this and can't wait to have the space , and a room with a desk to get organised! xo

  6. It looks so great! I need that in my office. Thanks for sharing! Newest GFC follower from Delightful Order. Love for you to stop by and follow back when you get a chance.


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. I’m with you on that, Kaz! Your new filing system is pretty cool and very creative! Now you can sort out all the personal and business stuff with ease. But what I like the most is how you spruce up that bland newspaper rack. You definitely give it some hip vibe with all those cool patterns and colors. It looks great on your office wall!


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