Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Laundry - a little more love

With my linen cupboard all nice and tidy it was time for a little more laundry love. You may remember that since I don't have a built in laundry cupboard with bench top I made my own with an IKEA table top and legs here.

Now I just needed to give that shelf some love. There is no baby bath any more but that bench is fabulous for sorting washing and holding all the essentials.

The jars are from IKEA. One holds my favourite washing powder - OMO and the other holds Napisan that I definitely need with my grotty youngest child. 

The cute tin is a Retro Kitchen scraps bucket that I found a long time ago at David Jones. You can find them on-line at Everton here. I use it as a rubbish bin for emptying pockets of rubbish and the lint build-up from the dryer (which lives in the garage but I access it through the laundry door).

The baskets are cheap baskets from Kmart that I use to sort washing. I got this great tip from the very nice and clever Liz at Bizzy Dayz here.

But it still wasn't looking right. Until this happened...

Don't you just LOVE the labels? Theses beautiful labels are a free printable from the ever so wonderful Bianca at a little delightful here.They come in a few different colours. 

Love it!


  1. Kaz....the labels are gorgeous just what they needed...

  2. Thanks, just downloaded some latte ones.

  3. Bench space is SO well used in a laundry - when we first moved into our house, we had nothing - no bench, no cupboards and so we installed an Ikea cupboard. I like that little scraps bucket you found and Bianca's labels add such a pretty touch to those jars :)


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