Saturday, 23 June 2012

Barbecue Organising

I have a nice new barbecue but the best bit is it's had it's own little organising project. I am quite pleased with how this little project has turned out. 

We got our first barbecue in about 2003 and it was a trolley one with a cupboard underneath just like our new one. The thing is we never used that cupboard underneath. It held the gas bottle and the rest was wasted space. All our barbecue stuff was kept in our kitchen cupboards. So when the new barbi arrived I knew I wanted to do things differently right from the start. 

A few days after our new barbi arrived Target had a great deal of the day offering 40% plastic storage. I found the perfect containers to fit inside the barbecue. So I got organising but I quickly realised I am not the barbecue man, my husband is and although he appreciates my organising he doesn't like having to open too many containers to get what he regularly uses. I solved that problem by grabbing a clear Ikea caddy I had leftover from my bathroom cupboard reorganisation. This was perfect for storing those essential items so they were easy to access. 

The top caddy holds paper towels, gas lighter, barbimate, tongs and wire brush. Also in the caddy are some stainless steel wipes for the outside of the barbi and some BBQ tough wipes which my hubby has recently fallen in love with. He tested them out the other week and came inside to me raving about them. They must be good because he went on and on!! Lol!

I'm still deciding on weather to add a couple of spice containers to the empty space you can see. They would of course be Tupperware and completely sealed but I'm still not sure about storing them outside.

The next tub hold our rotisserie parts, instructions, another wire brush and will hold extra packets of stainless wipes and BBQ tough wipes (I will stock up on them when they are on special).

The bottom tub holds stuff for the Weber. At the moment it holds foil trays and firelighters.

We also have a tub that lives next to the BBQ that holds all our stubby holders - we have quite a few. I've got another small basket inside with about six under our kitchen sink.

I made the labels in photoshop and printed them unto adhesive paper from Officeworks. 

I did decide to leave this system in place for a few weeks before blogging about it to give it a really good test run. It has definitely been a success. Hubby has kept it tidy so that's proof of the success in itself!


  1. Oh I love it! Our BBQ storage just has stuff throw everywhere - this is a great way of setting it up! Thanks!

  2. I am still kicking myself that I didn't get the barbeque with built in cupboard! All the stuff has to go out each time and Hubby never brings it back in, ggrr. Love how you have organised yours! Definitely getting the one with cupboard when we get a new one!
    Stacey-Lee :D

  3. Hi Kaz
    I would like to pass onto you the Liebster Award,
    Love love love your blog


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