Thursday, 24 May 2012

Washing - My Way

A few weeks ago lovely new reader emailed me with a few questions about some of the things she had read about on my blog. One of the questions was about the way I do my washing. When I was answering this question I had a light bulb moment that I should do a blog post about this. So here goes ...

In my laundry I have a compartmentalised laundry basket from Ikea. 

I has four sections (2 in each).

1. Whites and delicates
2. Towels, flannels and tea towels
3. Darks and hubbies work clothes
4. Colours.

I also have a washing basket in our ensuite which I regularly bring into the laundry and sort in to the laundry basket.

Now my lovely reader wondered why I washed my towels separate to my other washing. My mother doesn't and it drives me batty!! Well the reason I wash my towels separate because of pilling. Basically lint from towels comes loose and attaches to other clothes in the same wash. And even though there are lint removers I prefer to prevent it from happening in the first place.

You can read more about how to have lint free washing here

I also don't wash woollens with anything. I wash all my cardigans, jumpers, scarves, beanies etc on a delicate wash with wool wash (I use Coles home brand). They keep their shape longer and don't pill.

Washing Powder. 
I am extremely fussy about my what I wash my clothes with and I swear by OMO powder and Napisan. I grew up with my parents always using OMO and it stuck with me. I find I use a lot of certain brand products simply because I grew up with them.

When I met my husband he would use the cheapest washing powder he could buy but after I made him buy OMO once he never looked back. He told me once he never releases clothes were supposed to smell clean. I also believe that by buying a good washing powder I'm saving money as my clothes last longer.

I also chuck a bit of Napisan in with every white wash and sheets wash (I wash sheets separate too as they get washed at a higher temperature).

OMO can be expensive and buying bulk packs is hardly ever cost effective. I stock up and buy 4-6 packs when it's on special at Coles or Woolworths for about $6 a kilo. Even CHOICE recommends it as the top stuff and their tests revealed you can use a quarter of the recommended dose and it hardly reduces its effectiveness. I only ever use a full cups if it's a really really dirty load so a box of OMO lasts for ages.

Oh and your stained items washed in Napisan must be hung out in direct sunlight for the day - this helps with the stain removing but I have no idea why! My sister gave me that tip years and years ago.

When I wash has to be worked around when kids sleep. The laundry is right next to Miss Jas's room and she is a light sleeper. So every night I prepare a load of washing in the machine so that in the morning I simply have to turn it on. Sometimes I fit another load in after their afternoon rest/sleep time. I have a large top loader machine (water saver one though) so I have the advantage of washing a lot in one load. I have no set days for set washes. I simply look at my washing basket and pick the fullest. 

Now I must confess that I actually like doing washing! Weird I know!!
But I am also rather fussy about how I hang out my washing but I'll leave that for another time. 

Note: This post was not sponsored or paid for in any way. 
These are just simply my opinions :)


  1. Kaz, your washing regime sounds exactly like mine! I use exactly the same products & separate my washing like yours too. Always wash towels & sheets separate from clothing! I have the Fisher & Paykel Aquasmart too & yep it can take a big load! Your sister is right with hanging out in direct sunlight, it somehow bleaches the stain away (like magic) I don't mind washing either, I do make it a rather long process at times, as I like to wash and hang everything inside out, but as you mentioned with yours, clothes do last longer and stay in much better shape when you take care of them! Nothing wrong with being fussy about your washing I think!!!

  2. Oh I loved having those hampers but our ikea doesnt stock them anymore. Instead I have 4 of the $5 ones and sort the same as you and the woollens go in a little basket on top of my front loader. Sheets go straight in the wash when pulled from the beds :) When I am being super fussy I also wash flannelette pj's sep as the lint from them sticks to other clothes too.

  3. Oh Kaz, I nodded through that!!
    I wash my sheets seperate, towels seperate, blacks, work clothes (hubby), colours, whites, delicates etc
    And I LOVE Omo Sensitive!! I only use a small scoop , not the recommended , as I read that in Choice too and it lasts forever!
    Nice to have you back blogging

  4. I also separate my washing (I thought that was normal?). I am also like LottieBelle and turn everything inside out, but I go one step further and use the wash bags from Bras n' Things. They cost about $6 - $7 and I use them for all the kids uniforms, bras etc. Anything that is delicate really.

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