Monday, 28 May 2012

Our Farm Theme - A Start

Today we started a farm theme in our house. My girls love farm animals and since we already have lots of resources to use at home I thought this was a great theme to start with.

The first thing I did this morning was set up our Fisher Price farm. 
This was a given to the girls by my sister since her kids were now to grown up for it. Jas is so cute trying sound out 'mooo'.

We made some extremely cute sheep that I had found via Pinterest. 

All you need: 
  a paper plate
cotton wool balls
craft glue
black card 
googly eyes
coloured ribbon

You could free draw your own head and legs but I used the template from the original site here. I was going to try to get Jasmin to make one with LOTS of help from me but she just wanted to put her hands in the glue. So I let her draw instead! 

Molly made her a little one later in the morning. I love that she has to make one for her sister.

Then Molly played with her farm felt book. I blogged about these book here.

My mum came around in the afternoon. Molly was very excited to show her the sheep she made. After we had a picnic lunch outside Mum read the girls the book we made about our Visit to Landsdale Farm you can find here.

We also did some cut and glue puzzles that I will share with you another time. We did more today than I had planned but Molly was loving it so much I just rolled with it!

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  1. How wonderful Kaz!! The sheep are so cute and so are your girls!!
    We have gotten back into our theme weeks too, and Max and Lacey are loving it. Stella not so much that she has to miss out on a bit because she is at school. Poor poppet.
    Gorgeous work Kaz!


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