Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our Farm Theme - Puzzles

Yesterday started like this ...

I find putting things like this on a table makes play easier, more creative and lasts longer.

But then it became a bit of a puzzle day.
Molly and I did some floor puzzles together and Jasmin 'attempted' to do a peg puzzle. 

Jasmin is getting the idea quicker than I thought! We also didn't do them on the floor but on our outdoor coffee table which is a much better height for the kid's floor puzzles.

When we finished the Fisher Price puzzle we got all our Little people farm animals and matched them to the pictures on the puzzle.

The day before we had done some other kinds of puzzles. Molly made some cut and glue puzzles (I cut of course!). I don't mind her cutting but since we needed the pieces to resemble something to make a picture out of, I did the cutting!!

You can find the printable for this and many more farm printables here.


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