Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Barbecue Basket

We are big on the good old barbecues in this house. Well okay we were until a wheel fell off and it started to fall apart. It ended up on the council's bulk rubbish collection. So we have been without a barbecue for a long time. Our Weber was getting used a lot instead but we really missed the ease of inviting friends over and just saying BYO meat and drinks. 

All is good in the world now though as we finally bought a new barbie. Yay! I love it because it means there is less work for me when entertaining friends so I can actually partake in more adult conversations and not take hours to finish my first drink.

So the other day I dusted off my BBQ basket. This lives under my sink and holds the essentials .. well the essential I need to organise. I just add the sauces and condiments, pull out the pre made salads and rolls. 

Pretty simple really but I have found since doing it years ago (pre-children!) 
 It holds spare cutlery, disposable plates (small ones for the small visitors) and serviettes. One thing I must add is some baby wipes now we have kids to clean up. Oh I don't keep sauce in this baskets as the kids have a low salt one, Brad's likes his 'real' stuff and then there's the barbecue sauce and mustard. That's too many to fit in one basket!

I don't hunt around for the disposable plates, raid the cutlery drawer and hunt down the serviette caddy - it's now just one step and easy to carry outside. Yes I make my friends eat from disposable plates. My theory is less clean up - more time with friends. It's a personal thing I suppose but that's how we prefer it and our friends have never complained. I love this basket as at the end of the night everything goes back quickly and easily back in the cupboard for next time.

Now I just need to restock it (we usually have a much larger stack of plates!) and I want to work on a barbecue cooking basket for the hubbie so he has all his essentials handy and ready to go. I figure the less time we have to get ready for visitors the more time we can play with our kids and catch-up with our friends. 
That's pretty important to me!

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  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog. As a mum of a 15 month old boy and primary school teacher (working 3 days per week) I can absolutely relate to everything you write about. I love your organisational ideas - one of my greatest passions - and also the activities you do with your girls at home. Although I have only just discovered your blog I have had so much fun reading back through your older posts and getting so many ideas. Thankyou for such a fantastically written and inspirational blog!!


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