Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kid's Chores

In recent weeks I read a few blog posts on kid's chores and responsibilities around the house so I thought I'd share with you what happens in my house. 

Yes Molly is only 2 but approaching 3 a few months. I have to say that I am very lucky that Molly loves to help and seems to have a natural organisational and independence streak. I've always tried to involve my girls in what ever household chore I'm during throughout the day. My philosophy is simple ... 

Monkey see 
Monkey do!

Might seem odd to some people but I think it works.
Molly helps:

  • pack away her toys at the end of the day.
  • do the washing including putting it in the machine, handing me pegs when I hang it out and carrying our clothes to our bed for me to put away.
  • put away some of her clothes in her drawers - she knows what goes in which drawers.
  • set the table for dinner - putting out plates, cutlery and water bottles for everybody. I have taught her how to carry plates one at a time with two hands and so far no issues!
  • empty the dishwasher - she puts away all the plastic plates, cup and bowls. Recently she insisted on putting the cutlery away (I remove sharp knives) and she got them in all the right places.
  • put her own lunch dishes/plates/cutlery in the sink and yogurt tubs in bin.
  • take the rubbish out.
  • get the post.
  • making the beds - her main job in putting the decorative pillows on. 
  Helping load the washing machine

Writing a shopping list for Mum

The first time she ever set the table

She doesn't do these things everyday and everytime but these are the things she can do and has done. The only thing that she 'has' to do is help pack away the toys at the end of the day - the rest she wants to help. And yes it takes longer in the beginning to show her and to allow her to do things at her own pace but now that she can do so many things herself it's actually saving me heaps of time. I always joke to my husband that I'm going to made redundant soon by my own daughter!!

Also if she makes a mess on purpose I get her to clean it up herself. Yes I've had yogurt on the TV, crayon on my walls, lip balm on my windows. Accidental spills I do myself but often she wants to help.

The next thing that I would really love to happen to help me with the housework is for Miss Jasmin to stop being so totally terrified of the vaccuum and my Robomaid - I'm over sweeping all the time!!

I read this, this morning from Becky Higgins on her facebook page:

Part of cultivating a good life is allowing your kids to see you do housework HAPPILY. Your attitude toward chores will have a deep + lasting impact on how your children view housework - now + later.

I think this is super important even though it's sooo super hard to do some days!!


  1. My kids don't have a lot of "chores" but they're part of our household and are expected to help out.

    They have to put their school/daycare bags straight into their room when they get home, they have to clean up any mess they make (if it's accidental then just a token effort is okay but if it's on purpose/in temper they have to do it all)

    They help me do random things around the house like loading/emptying the washing machine or passing me clothes to peg on the line etc.

    They both have loved being in charge of making sure the cat has food and water.

    My eldest, who has just turned 5, actually enjoys cleaning so she has to clean up her room every Saturday and then as a 'reward' LOL she gets to vacuum her room and clean the mirror on her BIR. She's a born list maker and organiser like her Mama so she loves checklists but because she can't read properly yet, she gets me to draw the lists.

    I actually posted a pic of her list to my blog on Monday... oh and that's on my personal blog, i decided to keep my Spotty Owl Design one for business stuff. So the new address is (not a shameless plug- honestly relevant, I promise, haah)

  2. My 2 and, almost, a half year old LOVES to help clean. He has done so ever since he started walking. Sometimes it can be more of a hindrance than a help, but I believe, just like you, that it is SO important to incorage matter what. What Becky Higgins said is so very true!

  3. My kids are cleaning freaks! (It comes from their Daddy!) Doing chores together sure makes them more enjoyable too!


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