Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tupperware and Camera cords

When you suddenly hear your husband laughing and saying oh my God you are so funny (weird funny not haha funny) all sorts of things pop in your head! I stopped cooking dinner and rushed into the study. He was laughing at my new Tupperware containers of all things!! They are called accessories organisers. Mr Latte finds my container love a little weird but apparently cute .. Phew!

I use them to store my camera cords. Withe project Life and blogging I am always downloading my photos onto the computer so I keep my cords right next to the computer. I used to have them a Decor container. 

This system has not been working for some time. They always ended up tangled and when I took one out the rest would follow. And I was never too good at putting that lid back on!

So when I got these little babies I knew what they would be perfect for. They are small, cute and easy to close. Now I did have too many cords in my previous box that I don't use regularly. Those cords when in away in the cupboard, still easy to access but not out in arms reach.

One has my main camera cord in it and the other all my iPhone and iPad camera connectors. 

By the way I love my iPad camera adapters. You can check them out here.

Aren't those containers cute? And they're not that funny are they?


  1. Oh cords drive me crazy!! What a beautiful neat solution! And they are a teensy bit funny ;)

  2. LOVE it Kaz!!
    I have the same little containers, I think I got them in a mystery pack years ago, I keep safety pins in one ( to take in the car etc) and girls hair accessories in the other , for their overnight bag. I must repurpose them to my camera cords, love it!

  3. Oh my god, they're adorable!! Are they from the travel accessories range?

    1. Hi Laura! They are a host gift this month in a set of 3 but maybe you could sweet talk your friendly Tupperware Dealer into getting some for you ;)

  4. Hi Kaz,
    They are cute and functional, however the first picture they do look like a set of boobs.


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