Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Easter Birthday Party - Part 1

My baby turned one!! 
It seems like just yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. 

Her actual birthday was just a few days before Easter and since most of my family and friends (and us) go away camping for Easter we held it the weekend before. With all the sport my family plays we choose Sunday afternoon for the party. I picked 2pm as the best time since both the girls would have had a sleep and be refreshed - already to be hyped up by the delight of seeing their cousins and friends.

I went with the Easter and pastels theme which was so easy to source for. I had bought several fabulous Easter items from Bed, Bath and Table the year before after Easter that were heavily reduced. I found the super cute mini bowls below in House

The paper balls were from The Party Studio. They were super cheap at $2.39 each and come in several different colours. The tins that hold the cutlery were from Woolworths for a few dollars each. I went with plastic cutlery as people really didn't like the taste of their food with the fancy looking bamboo spoons and forks I had at Molly's last party. 

I premade a lot of food during the week and froze it til the morning of the party. We had banana muffins, choc chip cookies with pink and white m&ms, hotcross buns, 'sprinkle' bread, chocolate bunnies, popcorn cups, cupcakes (bought by my in-laws) and Mars bar & marshmallow slice (recipe from Frost Bite).

The chocolate bunnies were made with a Robert's Confectionery Mould I bought from Spotlight. These were a big hit and Molly loved helping me make them. The plate they are on is from the Reject shop.

My cake was just a simple two tiered cake, iced and decorated with speckled eggs bought from BigW

That's all for now! The next post I'll show you the party bags :)

Below is a picture of how Molly thought she'd help. 
Apparently a plane and zebras on a plate are really important for a party!


  1. It looks lovely!! I adore the colour scheme and the homemade party food look delicious! xx

  2. Yummo!! The party looks fab, Belated Happy Birthday To Jaz! We are only just recovering from Stella's celebrations and it will be soon time to do it all again for Max and Lacey!

    1. Thanks Liz :) Max and Lacey seem to be growing up so fast!


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