Thursday, 26 April 2012

Molly's Lunch With Friends

It's been a while since I've shared one of Miss Molly's funny things to do ...

Elmo came home with Molly from her cousins house one day. We put him in a spare car seat we had in the car and Molly held his hand all the way home - super cute! The next day we were having an exciting lunch of ham and cheese toasties (my kids love them). 

From the kitchen I could hear Molly asking Elmo if he was hungry and would he like some toasties ...

 ... Apparently Elmo said yes please!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tupperware and Camera cords

When you suddenly hear your husband laughing and saying oh my God you are so funny (weird funny not haha funny) all sorts of things pop in your head! I stopped cooking dinner and rushed into the study. He was laughing at my new Tupperware containers of all things!! They are called accessories organisers. Mr Latte finds my container love a little weird but apparently cute .. Phew!

I use them to store my camera cords. Withe project Life and blogging I am always downloading my photos onto the computer so I keep my cords right next to the computer. I used to have them a Decor container. 

This system has not been working for some time. They always ended up tangled and when I took one out the rest would follow. And I was never too good at putting that lid back on!

So when I got these little babies I knew what they would be perfect for. They are small, cute and easy to close. Now I did have too many cords in my previous box that I don't use regularly. Those cords when in away in the cupboard, still easy to access but not out in arms reach.

One has my main camera cord in it and the other all my iPhone and iPad camera connectors. 

By the way I love my iPad camera adapters. You can check them out here.

Aren't those containers cute? And they're not that funny are they?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


 Tomorrow is ANZAC Day and today we have been baking. 
I LOVE ANZAC biscuits!

I used one of the recipes passed down to me from one of my big sisters.


1 cup SR Flour
1 cup rolled oats
I cup coconut
1 cup raw sugar
2oz margarine
2 tbl golden syrup
1tsp bi-carb soda
2 tbl boiling water

Mix dry ingredients
Melt butter, add golden syrup
Dissolve bi-carb soda in boiling water - add to mixture of marg and syrup
Add wet ingredients with dry - mix well

Mod Oven 15mins


Nat from the wonderful Mummy Smiles shared this recipe here today.

I also love the free printable from Mooo you can find here. I printed off one of the sheets, trimmed it down and popped it in a frame. It has a great explanation of ANZAC day, a recipe card and a beautiful paper poppy print out sheet.

My kids are a too little for the Moo one but the poppy printable from Bianca at A little delightful is perfect for them. You can find it here. We made ours into a collage because Molly loves her gluing and 'snissors' at the moment!

When Mr Latte gets home I think most of the ANZAC biscuits will disappear!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Camping - New favourites

This week was supposed to be super busy with packing. We were scheduled to go on holiday to Gnaraloo for a whole week. We'd booked this holiday a long time ago but unfortunately we cancelled yesterday. 

It was a hard to decision to make as we really really wanted to go. Mr Latte has just gotten so busy we couldn't possibly leave the business for a week. We've never been this busy before so we never expected there was even a chance we would have to cancel our well deserved and longed for family holiday. One of the things we were looking forward to the most was going away on holiday with just the four of us. I'm bummed! I'm also bummed that we're now out of pocket $500!! I was hoping that since we did let them know rather than just not turning up that they would offer us some kind of return but no :( 

That's life I suppose but I did want to share with you a couple of our recent favourite buys for camping. 
The first is truly my favourite. We bought our girls two Fisher Price Tough lanterns from Big W for $14.95 each. Molly got hers for Christmas and Jasmin for her first birthday. Molly finds hers so light and easy to carry around. Jas just loves playing with it. The light comes in handy for distracting her when she is overtired. I love that the light goes off after a set time if someone leaves it on (or if Molly turns it on in the night). I also find that because they are a lantern and not a torch she doesn't go around shining lights in people's faces like she used to with our old torch.

We often 'borrow' them too as great night lights when checking on the kids, those middle of the night feeds thanks to teething and early morning toilet trips.

The second favourite was a new Companion solar shower. 

This little beauty from is so much better than the original solar shower we have. The Velcro strap at the top means it's easier to attach to everything and anything including the roof rack of the car. There is also pocket on the front to hold your soap or body wash and the shower head has a nice flow and is easy to use.

Note - This is not a sponsored post and I didn't receive any free products.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Our Easter Weekend

We went on a quick camping trip for Easter. It was a little spontaneous with the final decision made just a couple of days before Easter and one night turning into two. With camped not to far from home on the beach with our fabulous neighbours. This was our first 'real' camping trip with two kids - in other words our first camping trip in a tent since Miss Jasmin was born.

 She LOVED it! In fact they both LOVED it! 


Thankfully both our kids are natural outdoor kids. 

 They even like their bush style shower/bath :)

The Easter bunny made a quick visit Sunday morning but came back a few days later when we were home to leave his main presents and hid some little Easter eggs.


I hope you all had a fabulous Easter.

The Easter Birthday Party - Part 2

Here's a little more about my baby's Easter Birthday Party ...

The party bags were easy. I picked up some plain white bags from the Riot Art and Craft Store. I used some a set of beautiful Easter printables found here from Wanessa Carolina Creations for the bag tags. 

 I printed the cupcake toppers from the same download onto sticker paper and adhered them to some cheap plastic cups.

Now back to the party bags ... 
here's the inside of the bags. 

I made some sponge water bombs that I read about at A Little Delightful here. I bought a $5 jar of lollies from Kmart (total bargain), printed off some Easter colouring-in sheets and made a snack bag of bunnytails using a printable from the clever girls at Eighteen25 found here

Bianca from A Little Delightful made this free printable for bunnytails just after I'd made mine up. These match the pastel colour theme better so I'll be using these next year!

I hope the kids liked them.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Easter Birthday Party - Part 1

My baby turned one!! 
It seems like just yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. 

Her actual birthday was just a few days before Easter and since most of my family and friends (and us) go away camping for Easter we held it the weekend before. With all the sport my family plays we choose Sunday afternoon for the party. I picked 2pm as the best time since both the girls would have had a sleep and be refreshed - already to be hyped up by the delight of seeing their cousins and friends.

I went with the Easter and pastels theme which was so easy to source for. I had bought several fabulous Easter items from Bed, Bath and Table the year before after Easter that were heavily reduced. I found the super cute mini bowls below in House

The paper balls were from The Party Studio. They were super cheap at $2.39 each and come in several different colours. The tins that hold the cutlery were from Woolworths for a few dollars each. I went with plastic cutlery as people really didn't like the taste of their food with the fancy looking bamboo spoons and forks I had at Molly's last party. 

I premade a lot of food during the week and froze it til the morning of the party. We had banana muffins, choc chip cookies with pink and white m&ms, hotcross buns, 'sprinkle' bread, chocolate bunnies, popcorn cups, cupcakes (bought by my in-laws) and Mars bar & marshmallow slice (recipe from Frost Bite).

The chocolate bunnies were made with a Robert's Confectionery Mould I bought from Spotlight. These were a big hit and Molly loved helping me make them. The plate they are on is from the Reject shop.

My cake was just a simple two tiered cake, iced and decorated with speckled eggs bought from BigW

That's all for now! The next post I'll show you the party bags :)

Below is a picture of how Molly thought she'd help. 
Apparently a plane and zebras on a plate are really important for a party!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Easter Birthday Party

Last Sunday we celebrated my baby girl's 1st birthday. She's growing up way too fast! 

Here are some pictures from the party. 

The cake! I was going to make a bunny shaped cake but I realised that was beyond my icing abilities!


I LOVE the pastel colours for the party. I also love that we can reuse lots of things for Easter this weekend.

Miss Jasmin thought the cake was very yummy! I'll do some more detailed posts soon but we're very, very busy in this house this week :)

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