Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bathroom Cupboard Tidy-up

I've been following Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-day Challenge this year but I cringed last month when the prompt was the bathroom cupboard. Then Clare from The home She Made did her bathroom cupboard here

This was a job that had been on my to do list for a long time. In fact so long that when I did clean out the bathroom cupboard that there was still baby wash and flannels from when we used to shower Jasmin when she was just a couple of months old - she loved her showers with Daddy!

The final inspiration came when I saw these little beauties at Target for just $4 each I knew I just had to do it! There were no more excuses. I had found nice looking, cheap and wipeable plastic storage baskets. 

So here it was ...

 Don't you just love the colour of my benchtop? The people who built this house had a thing for orange tuscan colours! Can't wait for the day we demo our ensuite!

But here it is now ...

The baskets are as follows:
1. Hair stuff (straightener, dryer, brushes,  shower caps etc)
2. Toilet bags
3. Spare toiletries (including hotel bottles which are great for camping or weekends away)
4. My stuff (I have mine sorted in glad bags in the bottom and a tray sitting on the top for everyday stuff)
5. Hubbies stuff

I did the kids bathroom too which wasn't as messy but I swapped out the Kmart baskets I had in there for the nicer looking ones. Sorry I forgot the before photos :(

1. Flannels
2. Kid's toiletries
3. Spare wipes
and hubbies stuff in a small Ikea Skubb box (he has supplies in the kid's bathroom when he leaves extra early in the morning since our bathroom is open to our bedroom)

A HUGE improvement I think!!


  1. You know, I spotted these containers at target the other week and liked the look of them. Seriously though, I need to do a big clean out before I start buying more containers. If only I was motivated. Seeing this helps a bit I must say.

  2. Just stumbled along your blog via The Organised Houswife- Love it Link it- just love what you have done- those baskets are awsome! I am going to be scouring Target next time I get there- looking for some baskets like that :) i must say finding the right container for the job does make it easier to tidy- especially in places like the bathroom. I look forward to reading along in the future
    :) Pip- My Life of Chaos

  3. Wow! $4 for baskets? Beautiful! I get excited over organized cupboards. lol

  4. Love the baskets!! It looks fantastic...How come Target in Australia never has all this good stuff that the US Targets have?


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