Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Little Easter Decorating

Here are some photos of a little of the Easter Decorating we've done around the house.
My buffet ...

My Hall table ...

My Entertainment Unit ...

The Easter printable is from the fabulous Jen at Lovely Living. You can find it here.

And more ...

The girls love their bunnies so there are a lot missing out of the tub!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bathroom Cupboard Tidy-up

I've been following Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-day Challenge this year but I cringed last month when the prompt was the bathroom cupboard. Then Clare from The home She Made did her bathroom cupboard here

This was a job that had been on my to do list for a long time. In fact so long that when I did clean out the bathroom cupboard that there was still baby wash and flannels from when we used to shower Jasmin when she was just a couple of months old - she loved her showers with Daddy!

The final inspiration came when I saw these little beauties at Target for just $4 each I knew I just had to do it! There were no more excuses. I had found nice looking, cheap and wipeable plastic storage baskets. 

So here it was ...

 Don't you just love the colour of my benchtop? The people who built this house had a thing for orange tuscan colours! Can't wait for the day we demo our ensuite!

But here it is now ...

The baskets are as follows:
1. Hair stuff (straightener, dryer, brushes,  shower caps etc)
2. Toilet bags
3. Spare toiletries (including hotel bottles which are great for camping or weekends away)
4. My stuff (I have mine sorted in glad bags in the bottom and a tray sitting on the top for everyday stuff)
5. Hubbies stuff

I did the kids bathroom too which wasn't as messy but I swapped out the Kmart baskets I had in there for the nicer looking ones. Sorry I forgot the before photos :(

1. Flannels
2. Kid's toiletries
3. Spare wipes
and hubbies stuff in a small Ikea Skubb box (he has supplies in the kid's bathroom when he leaves extra early in the morning since our bathroom is open to our bedroom)

A HUGE improvement I think!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My little girls's bedroom update

Today I thought I'd share a few things I've done over the last couple of months to decorate Molly's room a little more. 

 The 'M' on the wall is from Typo and I covered it with scrapbook paper.

 The hook rack is from Bed, Bath and Table

I really want to do a picture wall display above her bed but at this stage I'm pretty sure she would try to take them down - she's already worked out how to open her own blinds in the morning.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Easter 2011

This weekend (maybe today if I'm lucky!) I'm going to start adding a little Easter love around the house. Before I start I thought I would look back at photos from last Easter. 

I was actually pretty impressed that I did anything since I had my beautiful baby just before Easter but I didn't take enough photos. They are lots of photos of me looking very sleep deprived which I will not be sharing but I will share these ...

Aww She was so little! I can't believe she's now nearly 1.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

February 2012 Photo a Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim

Last night I finished my February Layout for Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge

I've really enjoyed doing this along with my Project Life. It has encouraged me to take more everyday life photos and photos to do with just me. With two very young children my Project Life is virtually taken over by them and their never ending cuteness and quirkiness!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Making a little book about our outing.

Last week we went to Landsdale Farm School. I love that it is a cheap outing to see animals where at the end I can have a coffee and the kids can play. I took a few photos but not the best as I was trying not take away from the moment. I even missed a few animals! Oh well there's always next time.

I was thinking of what to do the pictures? flash cards? make my own jigsaws? make a book? I think it's important sometimes to extend our little outings - spot the teacher who can't help herself!! I decided to make our own book. I wanted it really simple so choose simple short repetitive language. I wrote it this time but next time I'm going to getting Molly involved more. I simply made up the pages in words and inserted our photos. I printed them so two pages would fit on an A4 pages.

 Then I cut them down, laminated them, hole punched and used ribbon to hold the pages together.


If you don't laminate your pages I think you can take it to Officeworks and they will bind them for you with a see through cover sheet and card back sheet for just a few dollars. Or print your pages 4x6 and pop them in a small photo book. Or use a display folder. There are heaps of different ways to make a book with your kids.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Easter Shopping Finds

Well I'm in Easter mode! Now Easter may still be a long way away for some people but I'm lucky enough to celebrate the whole cute bunny and pastel colour thing a little earlier than actual Easter. You see Miss J is turning 1 just before Easter so rather than have clashing themes, her first birthday will be a cute bunny overload. 

I also like to buy Easter goodies as soon as I see them because usually if I wait til later they are gone! Here are some of my latest finds ...


Very cute board books $3.88 each

Touch & Feel book $2.48


Decorative Easter eggs $6

Skateboard bunny $8

Bunny ears (lots of other colours) $2 each

Bed bath and Table have LOTS of cute stuff too if your budget allows.
Happy Shopping xx
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