Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pantry Tidy-up

It was time for a BIG pantry clean out and tidy-up.

Check out below - It used to look like this once! It was too cluttered for my liking. Some more tupperware modulare mates have helped. 

I'm off to another tupperware party tomorrow so I'll order some more. I want to start replacing my old blue ones for super ovals (much deeper).


  1. Looks great!!! Love my Tupperware for the pantry!!

    If u don't have a use for your old blue ones once you have replaced them I would be Interested in buying them off u as I need a few smaller ones and I think they are the same as mine? :)

  2. Looks fab... the tupperware helps a lot, hey? I mean, it was neat before but it looks so much more spacious now!


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