Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Outstanding Customer Service!

Recently I experienced some outstanding customer service and just had to share it with you all. Some of you may remember that for Christmas one of my top 5 were some diamond earrings because my white gold ones with 'similated diamonds' broke.

Well I went in before Christmas to find out how much some new ones would cost and it was definitely out of my budget at that time so a week later I decided to see if I could get my old ones fixed. I decided it was best to take them in to where I had bought them to get them fixed. They said they would sent them off to their repairer and ring me with an estimate of how much it would cost. Well I never got that call (but my fault because I gave them the wrong phone number). Anyway Christmas came and went and I finally got around to popping into the store to ask about my earrings. They were back and the store with a note from the jeweller saying they could not be fixed .. bummer! 

But the lovely lady at the store didn't feel this was good enough and said she would send them back and try to find out why. Well after lots of back and forth and the manager contacting head office I picked up some brand new earrings yesterday. They replaced them free of charge because they couldn't repair them. 

I was gobsmacked that the manager had bent over backwards for me to replace earrings my husband bought for me a couple of years ago free of charge. 

I love Zamels!

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