Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Stationery Box

You know all those little bits n pieces of stationery that are every where in lots of different containers that your other half can never find? Well I decided to put them all in one place last year when I was redoing our study which you can read about here if you missed it. I love this box because before when I needed a clip or lacky band I had to put down the papers I had in my hand to use both hands to open the small tins I kept them in. Now I can open this box with one hand while still holding onto my pile of papers. Yay!

I got the idea here from the very creative ladies at eighteen25. It's a teacher appreciation gift you can find here but I decided it would be perfect for my study.

You can find these boxes for just a few dollars at your discounts stores, Kmart, Big W and lots more places. Mine has been sitting plain since I redid the study last year so the other day I decided it needed a makeover. I used the same idea on eighteen25 of using scrapbook paper to decorate the top but I laminated mine first then added the foam letters and attached it to the box with double sided tape.


It lives on top of our open shelf unit under our whiteboard
so that we can access it easily. I rather like it!!

1 comment:

  1. SNAP! :)

    I love them!!! And they are so cheap!

    My obsession with cookie cutters made me get a little organised :)


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