Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Project Life 2012 - Helpful apps

Does anyone remember the Top 5 things on my wishlist for Christmas? Well you can find them here. I actually did very well for Christmas! My husband totally spoilt me - which I fully deserve of course. Hehe!!. I got some new earrings and an iPad. Yes an iPad!! Yippee!! 

What's this got to do with project life? Well I'm trying out using a few apps on my iPad to help me with my Project life planning. But don't worry they are actually iPhone apps too so you don't have to have an iPad to use them too.

1. Project 365 - free

My problem is that I have lots of photos for my week so I'm going to trial using Project Life 365 - a free app to choose which photos I will use for the week. Here's the screenshot of my planning for week one. I'm loading all of my photos from my phone, my camera and husband's camera (he got his own for his birthday) on to my iPad using a special connector so I have lots to choose from. Of course this is not set in concrete and I may change my mind or add extras when I go to print them. But I like that it gives me a basic plan.

2. Momento - $2.99

This is app is a unique diary. You can use it like a diary but also connects to your social media apps. That way you can look back at a week and see all your diary entries/notes, facebook statuses, facebook check-ins, flickr photos tweets, instagram photos, Rss feeds and more! I'm going to find this app very useful to go back and fill in some blanks from last year.

Here's a link to more information about this great app - Momento

If anyone else has some great apps they use feel free to drop me an email, post it on the facebook page or share it in the comments section below.


    I'm soo going to be checking out these on my iPhone (wish I had an iPad ;( )
    as I'm going to be starting my first ever PL album ASAP!!
    Thanks for the tips and it's lovely to have you back blogging again for 2012

  2. Hi Kerina,
    How did the Momento App go for organising Project Life? I would love to find an app to make notes and organise pics on the go. Don't think there's a dedicated Project Life app yet - but that would be a great idea!

    Did you find Momento helped you storyboard your layouts on the go, or did you end up using any other useful apps?


  3. I use both of these apps too and they really help. Especially since I only work on my PL once every couple of weeks. Thanks for the recommends!


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