Monday, 12 December 2011

The Activity Tub

This is my Activity tub. The wonderful Clare from The Home She Made had featured this great tub from Spotlight some time ago. I loved it and had to have it. Then it became an activity tub out of necessity to save my sanity! Whenever I planned to do craft with Miss Molly I would get all the stuff ready the night before and leave it out on my buffet, table or kitchen bench. This was a total nightmare! As soon as Molly saw it (especially any paint) we would have meltdown city because she would want to do it right then and there. This was driving me quite mad. So the tub became my lifesaver. Everything fits neatly inside, sits on my buffet nicely and because it's so tall Miss Molly can't see what's in it. The meltdowns have stopped :)

Here is my tub ready with Christmas craft. I keep a Christmas mat in here from Kmart to help protect any surface we are working at and a painting apron. The eyes, pom poms and bits of string or other bits n bobs are stored in small Tupperware snack cups without lids that stack on top of each other for easy access.


  1. I love it! I have a similar problem here as currently all the craft stuff is kept in a clear box roller box on top of thee freezer. When we move (this weekend - yay) I'll find a better home for it, but I live the idea of preparing the night before (and the hidey tub)...

  2. I like that tub... deep enough to hide a multitude of 'accumulated cr*p" as my mother calls it, lol


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