Monday, 14 November 2011

Girls Weekend Away

Last weekend I went away for my first girls weekend since having kids. 
It was pure BLISS!

I got to drink lots of hot coffee.
I read a trashy magazine uninterrupted AND
I did the puzzles in it.
I actually managed to read the whole weekend paper.
I woke up without being woken up.
I had a long shower in peace.
I got to go to the toilet without being asked what I was doing.
I also managed to sleep for two whole nights without being woken up by snoring!

But in the end I did miss my kids, the hubbie, the constant interruptions 
and basically my everyday life.

It's nice to be home.


  1. Oh a night without snoring.....heaven!!


  2. I would love it just for that too! and a whole cup of HOT coffee - i only ever make it through 3/4

    sounds like a good weekend


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