Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bathroom/Toilet Cleaning Caddy

Yes I have a cleaning caddy just for the ensuite bathroom and toilet. The caddy is new (Target) but I've always kept cleaning products on the top shelf of my walk-in-robe just for our bathroom and toilet. It might seem crazy to some but it really works for me. In it I kept toilet cleaner, soap scum cleaner, eucalyptus cleaning solution (diluted), a chux, window wipes and flush-able toilet wipes.

I never get enough time in one day to do a whole house clean as my darling children very rarely sleep at the same time and I prefer to clean when neither are around. Having cleaning products in the top of my walk-in-robe means it's all close by for when a snag 15-20mins (if I'm lucky!) of them both asleep. It also means it's easy to put back in a safe place away from little kiddies. My laundry is all the way at the other end of the house so I often getting distracted on the way to the laundry and on the way back so they used to get left in limbo on the kitchen bench - not a good look when unexpected visitors drop in!


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