Monday, 21 November 2011

Baby Food Made Super Easy!

I am so loving baby food at the moment! I NEVER thought I would ever say that. 

When Miss Molly was a baby I would spend ages cutting, cooking, mashing/blending and be totally devastated when it was rejected. So when Miss Jas came only I knew exactly what I wanted to buy when she started solids ..... A Phillips Avent Combined Blender and Steamer. I had seen Jade from Super Organiser Mum had one and she made baby food look easy. With this little baby it is! I just peel, chop, pop in for steaming, flip for blending and all done. Hardly any cleaning and super quick.I have also used a greater variety of fruit'n'veg than I would have with out it.

Yes it is a bit pricey (about $180) but I worked out the cost of commercial baby food (which I would eventually give in and buy every now and then) and figured it would pay itself off within no time and end up saving me money. 

I love it and highly recommend it.
The steamer and blender comes with a small recipe book which I use along with these two books.


  1. You need to get yourself some of these, reusable pouches - like the ones that the Rafferty's Brand come in:

    They're awesome for feeding on the go & as an added bonus you can use them well after bub moves on from purees to serve yogurt & custard on the go - instead of buying the ridiculously overpriced sachets :)

    I just go them for my 18mth old because he LOVES eating yoghurt from them & I can't stomach almost $2 for only 140g of yogurt!! At under $20 for 20 pouches (inc postage to me) it was well worth it :) We still do bowls & spoons as well but the pouches are so much cleaner when we are out & about.

  2. One of my best baby investments!!! Absolutely could not have survived without it - and so easy to use!

  3. I just looked for the "like Button" on Queen B's link. What a great idea! x

  4. I love my Avent. Has stood me in good stead. That along with my Qubies for freezing has made the preparation of my sons meals easy.

  5. While I don't want my baby to grow up, I have one of these sitting in the box and I can't wait to use it!!!


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