Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wardrobes with a Tradie

Anyone married to tradie will know that most of them are not known for being very tidy and organised people at home. Now yes I know some are but my husband is not! We've been together for 9 years now and he has come a very long way. 

However I do still find cups with apple cores in them behind the couch cushions next to a yoghurt tub and spoon from the day before. He still manages to put his clothes on the floor of the bathroom right next to the washing basket. So as you can imagine keeping a wardrobe tidy is near on impossible especially when he has not only clothes in there but also dive equipment and dirt bike riding gear. 

So in order to organise his wardrobe without creating a massive daily task for me I got some great stackable tubs from Bunnings for his work clothes. We've had this system going for nearly two year now it I love it. He can't make too much of a mess of this.

Tub 1 - socks & hats
Tub 2 - work shirts
Tub 3 - Work shorts and pants
Tub 4 - Surf-life saving uniform 
(Patrols have started so it's time to dust these off after winter)

He does still have clothes hanging (mainly shirts and jackets) and his everyday clothes are all in drawers.  

My side is much nicer ..

 Might look minimal but my work clothes are all packed away and 
I have a chest of drawers too. Actually seriously I'm not much a clothsoholic these days. I used to be then I had kids and whenever I go to buy clothes for myself I come home with 2 or 3 new outfits for the kids!

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  1. Ha! A solution to the tradie wardrobe problem...I love it!!

    I used to hang hubbies work uniforms until I sooked it at him for NEVER keeping it tidy in there and for about 12 months solid now most of his clothes have lived on the floor of his robe (lucky we have his/hers) in a big flexi tub.

    I flat out refuse to put anything away now...I think though the organiser in me really needs to sort this problem and may just need a trip to the big green building soon :)


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