Thursday, 6 October 2011

Toy Area

Toys certainly are multiplying fast in this house! We don't have a separate play room so I like to have good storage for the girls toys so at night all the toys are packed away and I can feel like I still have a family room for me too. I shared a photo of my toy area on the Lovely Living Facebook page recently. 

This is what my toy area looked like last year.

This is it now.
I have a slight love of Fisher Price!! The farm house and ark are hand-me-down from my sister. There is also space for future toys.

Molly's soft toys and some of her books are stored in her room. She has a bucket full of all the toys from her Grandpa. He travel a lot for work and brings her back a new soft toy from the different countries he visits.

Jas's toy's are kept in a pink tub which is great as we can moved them around the house easily. I wish it was a pretty fabric box.

More books, puzzles and art'n'craft stuff are in a cupboard next to our TV and in our study.

It's a mess and seriously not working so I need to do something about this soon.


  1. hi there
    just wondering where you bought those lovely pink tubs in Molly's room. I love them!!!

    1. Hi Marie, They are Ikea tubs - Trofast and fairly cheap :)


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