Monday, 31 October 2011

Family Traditions

There are certain family traditions that exist in my family at the moment. I'm very lucky to have very clever parents who make wonderful things for new children in the family. 

My Mum crochets a 'granny blanket for each child's bed. She also makes a mini version for their dolls or teddy. 

My Dad makes each family a set of cubby house furniture (he's glad I'm the last!). He hates painting so we have to do that ourselves!

Dad also makes each grandchild and great child a their own stool. He puts their initial letter on it for them. He had already made my girls stools before they were born and had to wait til they were born so he knew what letter to put on it. The stools are fab. Molly uses it as a stool to sit on and do her colouring at the moment. I've seen my sister's use them as little launching pads for the kids with their bags behind them, their shoes tucked under and their clothes for that day neatly folded on top. 

Love my family traditions :)


  1. Kaz, this is a stunning and heartfelt family tradition. Kids don't forget things like this. So much love. beautiful.

  2. LOVE family traditions!!! And those stools are just gorgeous!!!

  3. What wonderful traditions and keepsakes. I think traditions are so important :)


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