Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Our Bali getaway was wonderful. I really missed the girls but really appreciated time with just my husband. In fact I think I came back a better mother as I felt so relaxed and revitalised. 

We stayed at the beautiful Padma Resort in Legian. It is the second time we stayed there and I am so glad we choose to stay there again. Although I think I'd liked to have stayed in one of these lagoon access rooms!

The breakfast buffet is HUGE at the Padma! There is just about everything you can think of available. In fact we ate so much at breakfast most days we didn't need lunch. 
There was no sightseeing this trip and any shopping was minimal. We did however spend a lot of time in the pool. Actually in the pool at the pool bar to be honest. We enjoyed many a strawberry daiquiri, strawberry margarita and love boats.

We were in Bali for a friend's wedding so there was also lots of socializing with some of my husbands old school crew. Bali has changed since we last went 6 years ago for our honeymoon. There are some flash places to go now like the Cocoon and Ku Te Da below. Some of them have some pretty flash prices too! Loved the look and feel of these places but I didn't go to Bali to pay Australian prices. 

Yet despite all that fun I missed home. 
I also missed blogging and the new friends I have met on this journey.

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  1. Ohh Bali is my most favourite place EVER!! I am glad you did better than me at being away from your kids, I was a mess for the whole 4 days and wish I was stronger , because they survived!! ha
    Ku De Ta is gorgeous, we went there on our honeymoon trip, but very $$$.
    Glad to see you had fun, and you can't beat a good buffet breaky!


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