Monday, 10 October 2011

10 Things you really didn't need to know about me.

I got tagged! Deb from Home Life Simplified tagged me to share with you 10 things you didn't really NEED to know about me.
So he goes ...
1. I'm a little nerdie at heart! I love crosswords, Sudoku, word puzzles and jigsaws. I blame this completely on my parents who are big crossword freaks.

2. I love art - Picasso, Monet, Modigliani are just a few. I love to paint but haven't for years and years. I love teaching kids about art too.

3. Colour coordination is an obsession. Now this is TMI but I often have to have my underwear match the clothes I'm wearing even if I'm just at home in jeans and a T-shirt.

4. I love the beach, have a pool, have lived by the beach nearly my entire life, my husband is a surf lifesaver and yet I'm not a very good swimmer.

5. Teaching was not my first choice as a career. My mother was a teacher and three of my four sisters are teachers. Being the youngest I swore I was going to do something different that paid lots of money. In the end I couldn't escape my genes and realised that I loved teaching kids. I still do.

6. I'm allergic to mosquito bites. When I get bitten sometimes I get little reactions, sometimes it swells up about 2cm around the bite and others times my whole foot has been known swell up.

7. I was a tom boy growing up. I never had a Barbie and only had one doll but I had the largest collection of lego ever!

8. I don't eat any seafood. Which is ridiculous when my husband dives for prawns, puts crayfish pots out every season and we have one and a half boats (one is ours and we own half a dingy with a friend). I like going fishing though!

9. I have a real fear of heights. I hate shopping centers with massive escalators that go up and down several stories. You will never ever see me para-sail, hang-glide or skydive.

10. My name is an anagram. When my parents were expecting me they could only agree on a name for a boy which was Kieran after my Uncle. So after I was born my parents rearranged all the letters in Kieran to come up with my name, Kerina.

Are you still awake??

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  1. Love it! We have the first 2 in common + my mom and sister are teachers too - I know I would be good at teaching, but bad in a room full of noisy kids (I have a hard time staying patient with my TWO) so have avoided classroom teaching. I kind of look at where I am headed now as a form of teaching though - it is definitely in the blood.

    had to laugh at the matching undies though hahaha


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