Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Yay! Spring is finally here. I'm looking forward to many more long days outside with the girls. I started spring with a clean up up the kitchen. I didn't get around to scrubbing the floors today but maybe tomorrow. 

Instead a little painting project was on the go.
 Thank goodness my husband is a painter! He used his spraygun and it only took a few hours. The barge board at the front is going white, the floor inside needs a coat and I think that will be it. Here's before ..

 We bought it second hand from a friend for a couple of hundred dollars. It had a lot of 'drawing' inside so it had to be painted. We decided to go for a beach house look to match the inside colours of our house. We also live near the beach so it ties in well.
Now to start nagging Dad to finish the furniture for the inside! I'll wait til after Father's day though :)Must nag hubby to put down some new lawn too!! I'm a useless nagger so I'll probably be waiting a while!
Here some inspiration I found for the inside on Pinterest.

There's no harm in dreaming :)

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