Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Linen Cupboard

Here is my linen cupboard which I also shared on the Lovely Living site. 
The top shelf has a screwdriver set. I insisted on my own in the house since my husband's end up in his work trailer and I need them handy for me. I'm actually quite handy around the house thanks to my Dad. There is a box of toilet paper (I buy up when it's on special). Granny blankets are stored in space bags at the top. My mum made them - even the girls have one each. It's a loooong family tradition.
 I store my cleaning products in the red bucket. I n the basket to the right is all the vacuum and steam mop parts as well as the iron. There is also a big space on one of the shelves where we keep our St John's Outdoor first aid box. We do a lot of remote camping so this is an essential item for us. It's missing because my husband has taken it on his boys fishing trip this week. 
 Oh and it may seem like we have a lot of towels but they get used a lot by visitors since we have a pool. My husband also uses them a lot as gym towels. Our towels and the kids towels are kept in the bathroom cupboards.Oh and it never looks this tidy after my husband's gone in to get a towel for the gym. He is so not a tidy person - although he has greatly improved!
 At the very bottom there is a box of down lights that are waiting to be installed in our family room and spare mop heads. A bag of bags and two sleeping bags are in the middle. All our pool toys are in a red IKEA box to the right(there are mainly bath toys put aside especially for the pool). The spotty bag is Molly's swimming bag with bathers, hat, towel, floaties etc. I did this last summer as it made it easy to grab when we went to our family and friends houses. My parents, two of my sisters and most of our friends have pools (hence why we will never bother with swimming lessons for quite sometime). 
 Lastly the mop and broom holder is from Bunnings. I have another broom kept in the kitchen pantry and my other mop was being used at the time.


  1. You fold your towels the same way I do! I love you! hahaha!

  2. Lol! I must have the towels folded like this. They don't look right any other way! So Hubbie is not allowed to fold towels!!


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