Monday, 12 September 2011

Lego Love!

I love Lego! Yes me. Growing up I had a whole town of Lego instead of barbies. My dad got a large piece of MDF (door size) for all my street boards to go on and I had a train track that went round the outside. I would play with Lego all day long. I was only allowed to watch half an hour of TV a week as a kid so I had plenty of time to play Lego. So of course I'm trying to instill my love of Lego on to my girls. Molly seems pretty hooked too! She has these Duplo sets so far: a farm, caravan, market and for her birthday she got a hospital. 

Unfortunately when I assembled the hospital together it had a wrong piece. I had an extra window wall instead of a door. I thought oh no what a hassle but it really was easily fixed. On popped online to the Lego website on the box, found the customer service section and selected missing parts. It was so easy to select the particular hospital set and the missing part. It was a free replacement and was mailed out to me in a couple of weeks. 

I'm really glad I found out about their missing part website in case we lose a piece and it's vital to the set. What a fabulous find for a Lego addict!

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