Friday, 2 September 2011

DVD storage

My husband has an addiction to movies! We have a lot of  DVDs. Our DVD collection took up an entire two large drawers in the bottom of our entertainment unit. It got to the stage last year when I couldn't fit any more in the drawer. So I went DVD folder shopping. 

I spent months looking in stores and online for folders that were actual DVD cover size. You see I could bear to throw away the plastic case but not the paper sleeves. I also find that having the DVD cover there means that the discs get put back in the right place. All our DVDs are in alphabetical order and if they weren't it would take forver to find a particular movie. I love alphabetical order!! 

I found some at last on eBay at last for $15 each. I bought six. Each folder holds about 50. Four folders are full, one is spare for future purchases and one has children's DVDs - yes I know Molly is only 2 but with 16 nieces and nephews and all our friends having kids way before us I had to have a stash a long time ago. 

It saves a ridiculous amount of space 
and throwing out all those plastic cases is quite therapeutic.


  1. Hi Kaz,

    This is a great idea! I have been trying to find a solution for eliminating all that plastic casing (such a waste of space!), but my fiance wanted to keep the covers. This would be perfect!

    Do you have the link for where you found them? I can't wait for some plastic-case-elimination therapy ;-)

  2. Hi! I found the link -

  3. Great idea! Thanks for the link

  4. Hi Thank you ever so much this helped immensely.


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