Friday, 9 September 2011

Christmas Presents 2011

Yes I know it's so early to be thinking about Christmas but I always start putting presents away for the kids half way through the year. Up until now I've just been shoving the presents in the top of our wardrobe. Unfortunately our walk-in-robe has no doors and Miss Molly is getting too clever these days so it was time to start hiding presents. I also had no idea what I had bought anymore. 

I popped down to IKEA the other day hoping to have a leisurely shop with the kids but Jas and Molly were not happy that day so it was more like a grab and run shop! I picked up a two pack of some large blue patterned boxes. One for each child and they were about $13. Fab! 

So while Molly was sleeping in the afternoon I got everything out and 
sorted them into their boxes. 

I surprised myself when  realised I had more for Jas than Molly. But I know what other things I'm getting Molly already. On her list is a Fisher-price kids-tough camera, more books and some duplo.


  1. Is that the Fisher Price bird bath I spy on the right??? That is such a brilliant toy. We have had 2 of them (keep drinks away from the 'water' on the top!) and my 3 yr old still drags it out for a play.

  2. Good spotting! I love Fisher Price and am so glad it's a good one. Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. I need to do this exact thing!! I have a massive pile mounting on the top shelf in our WIR!! Luckily Stella doesn't look up, however its only a matter of time! I do the same, and buy right from the after Christmas sales, especially clothes, and hardly have to buy a thing at Christmas! I have also nearly finished my sisters kids, so more boxes might be necessary. LOVE the pattern on them!

  4. Oh I love this! I would love something like this, and these look relatively big. Somehow everything I end up getting is huge!
    PS: I am also one to start buying halfway through the year!

    1. I also recognise some learning ladder stuff there! I used to be an advisor. Their stuff is great!

  5. What great boxes! Great idea.. I have zero storage room around here so my son already discovered his keyboard :(


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