Sunday, 25 September 2011

Car bag

This is my sanity saver in the car! Miss Molly needs things to entertain her in the car otherwise she gets up to mischief like undoing her belt, taking her arms out of the belts or just simply making a big fuss. I used to give her a couple of smallish toys to keep her entertained but she kept losing them to the side or on the floor. Then the fuss about wanting those things would drive me crazy.

While doing a bit of a tidy up in my wardrobe one day I came across this cute little bag my mother-in-law had given from their trip to Hawaii. Now while it's cute and all, it was far to small to be of any use to me so I decided this could become Molly's car bag. 

Inside Molly's car bag are some little people characters and animals, an IKEA finger puppet, a couple of small books and her Fisher-Price mini doodle drawing board. It's fabulous as she takes out what she wants and puts others she doesn't. 


Of course she still loses things to the side and on the floor, but not as much and now she has more stashed in her bag when she does.

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