Saturday, 10 September 2011

Baby Clothes

This week I've been really busy sorting through all my baby clothes. I store all the girls clothes in plastic boxes according to sizes. I was running out of room in the girl's wardrobes for all the boxes so it was time for a clean out. We don't 'intend' on having any more children so it was time for the clothes Jas has grown out of to go. 

I have a friend who is having a 'surprise' baby in January. She had already given away all her baby clothes so she made a call out on Facebook to please give them back! I know she is having a girl and Molly was born while we were living up north so I had heaps of 0000 and 000 summer girls clothes that Jas never wore. My friend also has small babies so I know she'll find them very useful!. 

I visited her this morning and dropped of the box of clothes for her and she laughed! She couldn't believe I had bagged all the clothes into large glad bags according to type and size. I'd even labelled them. She found it funny but she wasn't surprised since we used to work together and she knows I have some quirky ways!

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