Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Question of Numbers?

Today I released that some of my readers might be confused as to how some numbers add up. You see I have 2 very small children and yet my parents are in their eighties and have been married for 58 years. Ever thought what the?

Lots of friends and people I meet look quite gobsmacked and a  little speechless when I answer the common question about whether my parents look after my kids a lot for me. The answer is no. Now I always feel that if I left it at that people might assume that my parents weren't loving and helpful but that is far from the truth so I feel is important to to say that its because they are in their eighties and simply cannot care for small children for any length of time. Automatically that leaves most people rather confused. 

You see I'm in my later 30's and my parents in fact had me in their mid 40s. I was a bit of an oopsie! Apparently a lovely oopsie. Now to add to the confusion it appears that I don't look my age, well that's what everybody tells me. 

My parents actually have grandchildren and great grandchildren the same age. The really funny thing is my husband is a few years younger than me and his mum is in fact just 2years older than my oldest sister. My husband's grandparents are in fact younger than my parents (only by a year or two). 

So if anybody had been thinking 'what the?' I hope I cleared it up for you or maybe I've made you even more confused!.

A Happy Day

Its been a great day here. The weather was lovely. Molly did some painting 

and Jas ... well she just got a little clever. You see that's not where I left her!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Clothes Drawer Tidy Up

This morning I found this ...

It looks like Molly was having a great time this morning! So I decided to make use of it and have a clear out, tidy-up and restock. We are starting to have some warmer weather and Molly is growing out of some of her clothes. So I reorganised my fabulous drawer dividers from IKEA. I made more room for shorts and less room for trackies and long-sleeve shirts. I've left a box free for some nice summer singlets and sleeveless tops

I put away a lot of clothes for Jas who is going through sizes quickly. She started at 00000 and at nearly 6months is into 0s. In fact some of the 0 shirts are getting too small now!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Linen Cupboard

Here is my linen cupboard which I also shared on the Lovely Living site. 
The top shelf has a screwdriver set. I insisted on my own in the house since my husband's end up in his work trailer and I need them handy for me. I'm actually quite handy around the house thanks to my Dad. There is a box of toilet paper (I buy up when it's on special). Granny blankets are stored in space bags at the top. My mum made them - even the girls have one each. It's a loooong family tradition.
 I store my cleaning products in the red bucket. I n the basket to the right is all the vacuum and steam mop parts as well as the iron. There is also a big space on one of the shelves where we keep our St John's Outdoor first aid box. We do a lot of remote camping so this is an essential item for us. It's missing because my husband has taken it on his boys fishing trip this week. 
 Oh and it may seem like we have a lot of towels but they get used a lot by visitors since we have a pool. My husband also uses them a lot as gym towels. Our towels and the kids towels are kept in the bathroom cupboards.Oh and it never looks this tidy after my husband's gone in to get a towel for the gym. He is so not a tidy person - although he has greatly improved!
 At the very bottom there is a box of down lights that are waiting to be installed in our family room and spare mop heads. A bag of bags and two sleeping bags are in the middle. All our pool toys are in a red IKEA box to the right(there are mainly bath toys put aside especially for the pool). The spotty bag is Molly's swimming bag with bathers, hat, towel, floaties etc. I did this last summer as it made it easy to grab when we went to our family and friends houses. My parents, two of my sisters and most of our friends have pools (hence why we will never bother with swimming lessons for quite sometime). 
 Lastly the mop and broom holder is from Bunnings. I have another broom kept in the kitchen pantry and my other mop was being used at the time.

Monday, 26 September 2011

My Pantry

A couple of weeks ago I shared what my pantry looks like on the Lovely Living Facebook page. Here are some more photos. 

After seeing a lot of other people's pantry's I have come to the conclusion that my pantry is well-stocked! Maybe too well stocked .. LOL!!

I sooo want some more Tupperware modular mates to streamline it more but its time to tighten up the budget here so we can purchase a big bed for Miss Molly and some outdoor furniture for our new deck.

I really want it to look more like this ...
Source: None via Rebecca on Pinterest

It's actually my sister's pantry. She's so proud of it she put it on Pinterest herself! 
I would too if mine looked that good!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Car bag

This is my sanity saver in the car! Miss Molly needs things to entertain her in the car otherwise she gets up to mischief like undoing her belt, taking her arms out of the belts or just simply making a big fuss. I used to give her a couple of smallish toys to keep her entertained but she kept losing them to the side or on the floor. Then the fuss about wanting those things would drive me crazy.

While doing a bit of a tidy up in my wardrobe one day I came across this cute little bag my mother-in-law had given from their trip to Hawaii. Now while it's cute and all, it was far to small to be of any use to me so I decided this could become Molly's car bag. 

Inside Molly's car bag are some little people characters and animals, an IKEA finger puppet, a couple of small books and her Fisher-Price mini doodle drawing board. It's fabulous as she takes out what she wants and puts others she doesn't. 


Of course she still loses things to the side and on the floor, but not as much and now she has more stashed in her bag when she does.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Easy Wall Pictures

I'm going to share with you the easiest 'artwork' but most asked about in my house. Everybody always asks where did I get these fabulous pictures from. My mum asks me lots because she keeps forgetting my answer.
And the answer is ..... a calendar. In fact it's from a photography calender that was on sale several years ago for just $10. I had three frames from freedom I had picked up in a sale. The calendar had mostly beach related pictures so I picked the three that matched best with the colour of my wall, cut them out, popped them in the frame and magic! It was much cheaper than buying the actual photographic prints that were about $150 each.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Water Play

We are enjoying a little more sunshine and some slighter warmer days. 
Molly is loving water play. We bought this sand/water table a long time ago for about $30 at Big W. Last week we finally took it out of its box and used it. 


Molly played with out for hours. I had to change her clothes a few times. I can't wait for summer when being wet doesn't matter!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


 I'm loving our fruit bowl in the fridge right now. 

At the moment we have a bowl of cut up fruit in the fridge every day. Every day morning about 10am Molly and I will sit on the back decking at her little table and eat fruit together. She likes to feed me fruit. 

Molly is a reluctant eater and is hesitant to try new foods so eating the fruit together has helped her try new foods. At long last she finally ate apple (I had to eat a truck load of it in front of her for a few days first).

Monday, 12 September 2011

Lego Love!

I love Lego! Yes me. Growing up I had a whole town of Lego instead of barbies. My dad got a large piece of MDF (door size) for all my street boards to go on and I had a train track that went round the outside. I would play with Lego all day long. I was only allowed to watch half an hour of TV a week as a kid so I had plenty of time to play Lego. So of course I'm trying to instill my love of Lego on to my girls. Molly seems pretty hooked too! She has these Duplo sets so far: a farm, caravan, market and for her birthday she got a hospital. 

Unfortunately when I assembled the hospital together it had a wrong piece. I had an extra window wall instead of a door. I thought oh no what a hassle but it really was easily fixed. On popped online to the Lego website on the box, found the customer service section and selected missing parts. It was so easy to select the particular hospital set and the missing part. It was a free replacement and was mailed out to me in a couple of weeks. 

I'm really glad I found out about their missing part website in case we lose a piece and it's vital to the set. What a fabulous find for a Lego addict!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Baby Clothes

This week I've been really busy sorting through all my baby clothes. I store all the girls clothes in plastic boxes according to sizes. I was running out of room in the girl's wardrobes for all the boxes so it was time for a clean out. We don't 'intend' on having any more children so it was time for the clothes Jas has grown out of to go. 

I have a friend who is having a 'surprise' baby in January. She had already given away all her baby clothes so she made a call out on Facebook to please give them back! I know she is having a girl and Molly was born while we were living up north so I had heaps of 0000 and 000 summer girls clothes that Jas never wore. My friend also has small babies so I know she'll find them very useful!. 

I visited her this morning and dropped of the box of clothes for her and she laughed! She couldn't believe I had bagged all the clothes into large glad bags according to type and size. I'd even labelled them. She found it funny but she wasn't surprised since we used to work together and she knows I have some quirky ways!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Christmas Presents 2011

Yes I know it's so early to be thinking about Christmas but I always start putting presents away for the kids half way through the year. Up until now I've just been shoving the presents in the top of our wardrobe. Unfortunately our walk-in-robe has no doors and Miss Molly is getting too clever these days so it was time to start hiding presents. I also had no idea what I had bought anymore. 

I popped down to IKEA the other day hoping to have a leisurely shop with the kids but Jas and Molly were not happy that day so it was more like a grab and run shop! I picked up a two pack of some large blue patterned boxes. One for each child and they were about $13. Fab! 

So while Molly was sleeping in the afternoon I got everything out and 
sorted them into their boxes. 

I surprised myself when  realised I had more for Jas than Molly. But I know what other things I'm getting Molly already. On her list is a Fisher-price kids-tough camera, more books and some duplo.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Father's Day

We had a lovely Father's Day yesterday.

It all started with the girls sneaking in to wake up Daddy with his presents. Molly wanted to do most of the unwrapping! Mr Latte got a new rod and reel combo (great timing since his boys fishing trip is coming up very soon), a daddy mug and a mini Daddy scrapbook. 

I got the idea for the scrapbook here from Jade at Super Organiser Mum. Molly loved looking at all the photos with her Daddy. So many memories over the last couple of years.

I cooked up bacon and eggs for brunch. 
After the girls had a big nap in the afternoon we went to see my Dad. 
It really was a wonderful day.

Friday, 2 September 2011

DVD storage

My husband has an addiction to movies! We have a lot of  DVDs. Our DVD collection took up an entire two large drawers in the bottom of our entertainment unit. It got to the stage last year when I couldn't fit any more in the drawer. So I went DVD folder shopping. 

I spent months looking in stores and online for folders that were actual DVD cover size. You see I could bear to throw away the plastic case but not the paper sleeves. I also find that having the DVD cover there means that the discs get put back in the right place. All our DVDs are in alphabetical order and if they weren't it would take forver to find a particular movie. I love alphabetical order!! 

I found some at last on eBay at last for $15 each. I bought six. Each folder holds about 50. Four folders are full, one is spare for future purchases and one has children's DVDs - yes I know Molly is only 2 but with 16 nieces and nephews and all our friends having kids way before us I had to have a stash a long time ago. 

It saves a ridiculous amount of space 
and throwing out all those plastic cases is quite therapeutic.

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