Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Saturday

Well Saturday was a nightmare day. Miss Molly is getting a new tooth, bubby Jas was spewing lots, I was trying to make oreo pops for the first time and was trying to get everything organised to go out that night. We were off to my sisters for a dinner party and since the kids were going to go to bed at their house there was a lot of organising to be done. This is usually easy but everything was going wrong. Miss Molly was grumpy with teething and naughty (she has learnt that if she stands on a chair she can reach anything and everything). Jas's reflux was really bad today and was spewing all over the place. Molly's nappy leaked after her sleep and Jas had a huge spew in hers. So bedding had to stripped, washed and cots remade. I was already way behind in washing due to all the rain  lately. Oh and my husband remembered late morning the shirt he wanted to wear that night needed washing. I also dropped an earring down my bathroom drain so I also had to get under the sink, undo the pipes and get it out.  Visitors dropped in unexpectedly. All this on a rare Saturday when my husband had to work and I have one of the worst headaches I have ever had. Thank god my sister saved the day by coming and getting Miss Molly late that afternoon. She saved my sanity and we ended up getting to her house on time and having a fabulous relaxing evening. 

Today we decided to do nothing. Just what we all needed.

I love being a Mum and I love my family :)

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