Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Molly's Birthday Party IV

The Goodie Bags.

I'm not into goodie bags loaded with heaps and heaps of lollies. Each child got a small snack size glad bag with a few lollies, a fizzy candy roll, a small bottle of bubbles and a small sheet of stickers.

The goodie bags themselves were super cheap and easy. I picked up packs of eight pink paper bags from Red Dot for $2. The thank you labels were made from cutting out scalloped circles from white card (I used a 2" punch) and cutting circles from a free printable I found here (I used a 1 1/2" punch). I folded own the top, put the label on, punched a hole using a normal paper hole punch and then threaded a piece of pink ribbon through. Easy peasy and looks fab!

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