Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Molly's Birthday Party III

Finally I'm back again. I thought I had nearly recovered from a nasty flu only to find it hit me again. Then hubbie got sick too. Add a sick bub to the mix who's crying made me cry several times and the computer had a chance to gather some dust!

Now back to Molly's party ... remember food preparation had to be minimal. So we had jam rolls sliced up, pink wafer biscuits and cupcakes in mugs. My sister and niece came to rescue before the party bringing really cute tea cup biscuits and helping make jam sandwiches, fairy bread and yummy marshmallow sticks dipped in chocolate and 100 and 1000's.

Aren't these incredibly cute!

The cupcakes in a mug were really simple. I bought the mugs at Target in a four pack for $2. Just bake a normal batch a cupcakes. Cut them in half. Put the bottom half in the mug, add icing, pop in the other cupcake half, top with more icing! I however put these together at the last minute and ran out of icing. I didn't have time to make any more so I top them with a small dollop of icing, some sprinkles and popped a couple of marshmallows on the top.

I loved how these turned out.


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