Friday, 19 August 2011

Molly's Birthday Party II

The Cake

I all out cheated here! I used 2 Betty Crocker cake mixes (a strawberry and vanilla). I baked two cake and then once they had cooled used this fantastic Wilton's cake leveler from Spotlight to cut each cake into two and therefore giving me four layers.

One piece of advice is not to attempt this late at night when you have the flu because you will forget that the layers are supposed to go pink, vanilla, pink, vanilla!! 

 I also cheated and used Betty Crocker pre-made icing for between the cake layers and the outside.

The very cute Molly Cake bunting was a free printable from TomKat Studio. They have lots of different colours in pastels, brights and bolds. Love them :) I used pink and white twine and some straws I bought from The Party Studio to put them on the cake.

It was so easy and delicious. Thank you Betty Crocker for saving the day!!

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