Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I-Spy Bottles

This was a cheap and easy activity to make up for Miss Molly.
I got my husband to save a couple of plastic bottles for me. He had some PowerAde bottles that had a nice wide opening. I cleaned them and dried them well.

I bought some small animal packs from BigW for a couple of dollars. I choose two themes – Ocean & Wild animals. You can use anything though that will fit in the bottle from buttons to charms.

Then I added some coloured rice. 

I used blue for the ocean animals and green for the wild animals. You can use lentils, beans, or sand to fill up the bottle. Just don't fill it up too much. You want to still be able to find the objects when you turn the bottle around.

Glue the lid on securely. You can add a list of what to find and attach it to the bottle with string.
It keeps those cherubs quiet for a while. 
Well except for the very loud calling out of animals they have found. LOL!

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  1. Fantastic idea! Would love to share it on the My Pigeon Pair blog! email me!


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