Friday, 5 August 2011

A Birthday Present

I've been busy organising a few of Miss Molly's birthday presents. She is 2 on Wednesday! 
My wonderful and clever dad is making her a stove/oven, sink, kitchenette and fridge to go in her future cubby. He last made some of these 15 years ago for one of my nephews. Not bad for an eighty-four year old!
Anyway I have been organising some stuff to go with these. I got one of these lovely pink spotted place-mats for 50c at Kmart. 

I cut it up in four and rounded the corners with my photo corner cutter. 

I bought some plates and bowls ($2 a pack) from Kmart too. 

I picked up some other mini kitchen goodies from Kmart and a specialty kitchen store. 

I also ordered some play food on-line for her. I hope she loves them.


  1. Gorgeous present! I know my Miss Molly would love them, so I am sure yours will too! LOVE the placemats... i have searched high and low for polkadot ones... will just have to keep on searching kmarts!

  2. I love how you cut up the placemat and used your corner rounder! My girls would love little placemats like that for their daily tea parties! Thanks for a great little idea, now off to kmart I go...I know I have seen them at Joondalup so hopefully there are a few left! Hope your little Molly has a fab 2nd Birthday.x.

  3. Thanks. Kate if you can't find any at Joondalup I saw some at Ocean Keys Kmart last week :)


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