Monday, 4 July 2011

A Refreshing Change

We had a fairly busy weekend of socialising and Friday night was one of the most enjoyable nights I've had for a while. Why? Monopoly! Yes the board game Monopoly. 

We were invited over to our friends house on Friday night for tea. It was make your own pizza night. So easy and yummo! After tea the kids got showered, into their pjs and settled in front of a movie.
 It was such a refreshing change that my husband sent me out to buy the original monopoly game the next day. We can't remember what happened to our last one. I had to do some organising with the game though. I hate having games bits everywhere in a box and I had some small Tupperware containers that I never use, so ....

I think I may be slightly unhinged!!
My husband now wants me to investigate an electronic monopoly game. I think we might look for some other board games too. And by the way .. I won!! I also won when played each other on Sunday night.

Silly me left the game out on table . So Monday morning .....

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