Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Project Life

Oh dear this project is a little behind. I've been feeling a little flat lately. I've got too many 'projects' on the go at the moment and I need to start finishing some! I think this will make me feel better. 
This next week my goal is to finish Project Life for May and to start June. I need to finalise birthday invitations and organise some paperwork. This should keep me busy enough as I will have some extra children for a couple of days and will be helping my sister move house on Friday and Saturday. By the way my sister can't decide whether she loves me or hates me for introducing her to Pinterest! She is finding a lot of great ideas that will be useful in her new house which is much smaller than her last.

Here a a few finished pages in my Project Life 2011.

HELP - My photos keep loading up sideways and I don't know why. They are the right way up before uploading! AHHH. Sorry about your sore necks.

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry I can't help with the photo loading situation, I am not techno savvy, but it is soo nice to see that someone else is having the same "Project" dramas, we have toooo many one the go at once and I am afraid that PL has suffered. I have nearly caught up from the past 3 months, what a mammoth effort!! LOVE Your blog btw!


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