Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Unbelievable Ikea Trip

My sister moved house this week. A massive task since she has five kids. Anyway we went to Ikea today to get some bits and pieces. She got drawers, drawer organisers, spice racks etc. I needed some drawers too. I'm not into having more paper hanging around in the bottom of my handbag for weeks so I always use my phone to take a picture of the hanging tag which tells you what rack and section to pick up the items. 

Doing this today had me gobsmacked. There I was holding the tag of a set of drawers in one hand, phone in the other hand ready to take the photo and .. it was gone! Some women came up and took it right out of my hand. I was seriously speechless that someone could be so rude. The women didn't flinch, apologise .. nothing. It was no mistake or accident it was a direct snatching. Unbelievable!


  1. Crikey!! Some people never cease to amaze me, and to think nothing of it!! argh

  2. People leave me speechless at times ~ the rudeness of it all! FANTASTIC idea btw, sadly has never even crossed my mind to do this and I end up looking it all up on the computer when I get down there lol...much easier so thank you!


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