Thursday, 7 July 2011

My New Love - Stinky Botz

I have a new love. My StinkyBotz.

But before I go any further I thought that I would make it clear that this is not a 'sponsored' post and I have not received any good for free etc etc. Sometimes when I've read a post about a great product I walkaway wondering if they got that for free. If I ever received goods for free to review I would make this clear. I think that's fair.

 So back to StinkyBotz. My niece (she is a mum too - remember I come from a large family!) gave me one a couple of months before my second baby was even due. I put it away in her room and well forgot about it. I came across it when I was reorganizing her drawers ready for her to move into her room (I have delayed this even further due to the extremely cold weather here in Perth - excuses, excuses!!). So I thought I'd better give it go since I know my niece would ask me about it next time I saw her. Well I could give myself a swift kick up the backside for not trying it before. It has everything I need for a quick, clean and organised nappy change. I used it just yesterday on one of those very dodgy baby-change tables in a disabled toilet at my local library/museum. Trust me I wanted to get out of there very fast and I could because I whipped out the Stinky Botz, quick change with everything there I needed, everything back in, wrap up and go! I keep wipes, nappy sacks and three nappies in it (1 toddler nappy and 2 baby nappies). I love it so much I may buy two so that each car has one in it permanently:)

Sorry about the sideways photos as I have no idea why they are uploading like that :(
You can find them here. They come in a few different colours/patterns. I love that by buying StinkyBotz, you'll also be supporting the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association of Victoria.

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  1. Hi kaz, these look great.. I have been looking for a nappy wallet for a while now.. How long is the change mat area? Is it Big enough to use with toddlers or just little babies??


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