Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kitchen Drawer Reorganising

My recent trip to Ikea saw me buy quite a few goodies to help me reorganise a few things in my house. For my kitchen drawers I picked up a divided drawer organiser. It gave me the motivation to give all my drawers a clean out and tidy up. 

My top drawer had a quick clean up I had to remove the BBQ knives and peeler as Molly gets into this drawer now. I refuse to child lock this one as I'm always in it and that would drive me insane!! Here are the rest of the drawers. Excuse the sideways photos AGAIN!!

I have a utensil container for all my cooking utensils next to my stove so only the rarely used ones are in the drawer.

 Hopefully they stay tidy!


  1. WOW!!!! LOVE IT!!! What products from Ikea did you use? You just know how much I LOVE my Ikea!!!

  2. Hi Larissa! The plastic tray in the third drawer is from IKEA. I love the way it fits all my little bits and pieces. The second drawer has two Tupperware containers for storage but on my next trip to IKEA I want to find something to replace these. The drawers are all lined in plastic liner bought in a roll from IKEA and cut to size.


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