Sunday, 17 July 2011

Busy Bags - My first!

Busy bags are bags (or boxes) containing a simple activity or game for kids to do with you or by themselves just to keep them busy. I do a lot of things with Molly as I involve her in most everyday chores but know I have two cherubs I also needed something pre-organized and ready-to-go. Busy bags are mostly based on building a skill or concept (e.g. fine motor, color/letter recognition). Hopefully they are fun and promote a love of learning.

There are lots of ideas for busy bags on the internet. I have found lots and pinned them on Pinterest. You can find them here.

This weekend I made a few simple bags to start with. By the way it was not cold in the house Molly is just obsessed with beanies at the moment.

Bag 1 

Colour Sorting activity – for older children use more colours or use different shades of colours (they are lots of different blues, greens etc!). You can also use egg cartons or ice cube trays for sorting containers.

Bag 2

Threading Activity – I’m using pipe cleaners to start with. Older children could use shoelaces or wool. You could also use pasta for threading. Bianca from A little delightful recently did a post about how to colour pasta here. I've put some penne pasta on my shopping list for this week!

Bag 3

Pegs - There are lots of great busy bag activities that use pegs but Molly can’t use them yet so I’ve made that an activity. She was so in love with it she found a box instead and was sorting different colours on different sides. She still can’t use a peg probably as she just puts them on upside down. But she’s trying and having fun!

Bag 4

Matching Socks – I have some socks that bubs has grown out of already (big feet) so I used them for her find matching pairs. She wasn’t ‘into’ this. I think she might like it better if I rigged up a clothes line for her (or use the clothes airer, pegged the socks up for her and she took the matching pairs down. I will give this a try later this week.

Bags are from Officeworks and are actually pencil cases reasonably priced at $1.48ea.
Buttons were bought by the bag from Spotlight.

Miss Molly is loving them so more to come soon. I also need to do something extra with the bags as they are looking a bit plain. I also want to find a nice box or basket to keep them in.

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